How To Make Good YouTube Videos

The fastest way to become popular on YouTube is by having videos that are shot well. This process can be sped up even faster when you buy YouTube views.

Framing requires a lot of care. Usually we focus on the main element of the frame. However, neglecting framing is one of the most common amateur mistakes. One of the tips to record video is to pay attention to our surroundings. Get rid of badly placed cables (whether you are indoors or outdoors) and avoid junk or worn walls, unless your goal is to focus these compositional elements or include them in the image, of course. The main thing that you must take care of in the composition of a video is the overload of elements. Remember that video is a little less controllable than photography because it is definitely not static.

Pay attention to focus. Some cameras only allow automatic focus on video recording, so it is difficult to maintain an appropriate focus. In others you simply detach the concept approach just because you are recording. Actually, this is one of the most important video recording tips: you must focus before pressing the button to start the shot. In this way, there will be a constant sharpness in the video. Of course, the way to achieve clarity in the framing is by doing a manual focus.

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Deactivate any detector. The vast majority of computers today, both compact cameras and larger cameras, have functions of “face detection”, “smile detection”, among others. Ideally, when recording video, you deactivate this option immediately, because it can completely ruin the shot, not only the video experience but also the good focus you have configured. Detection will cause the computer to focus on certain elements in the frame (which sometimes will not even be a real face) and the other parts will be neglected. This is probably not what you want for a good quality video.

Camera movements are important. If you make camera movements, such as a panning here or there, or you include flat sequences with shifting movements, the shot will become much more interesting. Another piece advice to record good videos is that after shooting, be very cautious with the amount of editing you do. The large number of edits that you can include in a video is associated with the Hollywood cinema in which sometimes, so many shots of videos are cut together that it becomes dizzying. Sequence edits are incredible video tools, but require experience, choreography and perfect planning. A trick to make a good edit sequence? When your battery does not hold up so much, or when you simply need more preparation to make the next shot, aim the camera at a unicolor surface (sky, floor, object, etc.), cut the shot and take the shot again. Of course: you must be very careful when editing and continue the sequence plan.

With these tips, you can buy YouTube views and soon have all the subscribers that you’ve ever wanted.